Happy new year my loves! Instead of a big Tb and review of the last year I just want to present you the 5 major lessons I learned about life and happiness in 2017. So much experiences and standing ups after falling, so much lessons and new things that happened, I am totally overwhelmed. And at the same time, some of the experiences in 2017 were not funny at all.

So to all of you struggling, what you will really take with you from last year, here are the 5 major lessons I learned, and maybe this will inspire you too for your newyears resolutions:)

1.) I am not working for Nike, but feel like there is no other quote actually that accurate: JUST DO IT, It´s that simple. If I would not have quit my studies, I would never have found the studies I really love, like what I am doing right now! I met so many people I can call friends now, and had one of the best times with this people! I never want to look back and think „oh, if I just had…“ ! NO. It´s already over. Do it or just don´t think about it anymore. You want to go for that trip? Do it. You want to call someone or meet again after a long time? Do it. You want to invest your money? Do it. You want to apologize or say sorry? Do it.

Say I love you, travel where your first thought takes you, spread love and JUST DO IT!! Ok this sounds so much like an advertisement haha… But I live for that quote! (read more)

2.) Family and friends are everything. No matter what you own, or how much money you have. If they´re not with you, your happiness and laugh is worth nothing if you can´t share it. During the holiday season my Sister Emma was travelling the world with her love, and my Sister Anna had to work. So half of my Family was missing, what was really sad for me. Nevertheless I had a great Christmas with the rest of my family, my  Parents, my Brother, Grandparents, Aunts and Oncles and my little Cousins, but I missed my sisters as they were not there. Enjoy the moments you have your loved ones around you and the time you can actually spend together 🙂

3.) Be yourself and be real . Even if Instagram shows us all this beautiful and perfect girls and feeds full of couplegoals, Outfitgoals, Makeupgoals, Familygoals, Petgoals,…and Goals-goals… so you know, basically goals everywhere,- we should not forget to be ourselfs and to live life like real persons. I have soooooo many examples to show you how fake this Instagram business is, and how much time is needed to take one perfect shot. I don´t want to stage my life, but want you to see what I experience.

4.) Learn new things. 2018 I bought so many books and started reading until the middle of them, or even just a few pages and did not continue again. And you know why? Because I was thinking: oh nooo I will miss meeting a friend or talking about this, or going out or people will think that I am a nerd because I rather like to read a book than going out or going to the museum than going out… whatever. NO! 2018 is more about me-time. Reading books, going to the museum and just see art! I LOVE Art and museums. Did you know that? I want to read and LEARN for myself, and not only for University.

5.) Travel more often. Even if it will only be for a weekend, I really want to visit some Cities in Europe, and see different places around here. I absolutely want to go to Paris and London again this year, and visit Venecia and Santorini this year:) In March I am going on Vacation with my Boyfriend for almost 3 weeks. We don´t know where we want to go yet, but we were thinking of Capetown, Marrokko, Philipines or Thailand. Any Suggestions?:) Were are you going to travel this year?


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