BYE BYE 2013

Hello Fashionistas! Today you see my Outfitreview from yesterdays New Years Party!
I bought the dress on Ebay for less than 60 Euro (!) and the Shoes are from Buffalo. What should I say? The Outft you weare at the New Years Party is your last from last year, and your first from next Year, so it´s more important than you think what you wear for this occasion! Nonetheless I wish you all a Happy New Year! Let your New Year´s Pledges come true, don´t matter how hard it seems to be! Yes, I know… the primary thought of every 1st of January every Year, but let´s forget what this impression every past Year was about, and try the golden Year 2014! The fresh taste of invulnerably won´t hold as long as you think… Exploit it!!

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