1.) Lancome Blush Highlighter
offer your girl a special gift, which she can use already the entire Holidayseason!
2.) Ease her into the festive period with this reindeer jumper!
she will be thankfull everytime she will need something warm and cuddly
3.) Le Labo Candle
Delicate smell of laurel, eucalyptus, thyme, ….

offer her a  Bag to store all this girlsstuff we need… soooo much!

5.) Trousse de Maquillage de Ted Baker Via Monshowroom
every woman needs a place to store her makeup artikles

6.) DW watch
a DW watch and the words „Call me everytime around this watch, and i will be there“, and she will be yours!

7.) Alexa Chung
The It Girl´s book 

8.) Ted Baker Phone case
Everybody has a Mobile phone, so everybody needs a phone case!

9.) glamorous Necklace 
offer her jewelry, and she will offer you her heart

10.) Cherry christmas shower

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