ootd for a shopping trip with ma girls

roses in our garden <3

pink essentials of the day

enjoying a Starbucks dark Mocha frapp 

fresh watermelon while getting inspired for fall

back to school outfit for my first day after summer

it´s never too late to wear a deep red colour 😉

Hitting the road #Rivetday

Coffee meeting with my chicks 

The ultimate accessoires essentials in my wardrobe

Dasy oh Dasy would you be mine?

the ice shop man just offered us an iced coffee ;)!

look at this Huuuuge Macarons Box 

Have a llok on my OOTD

New Fall love will be soon on the Blog!

It´s Cake O´Clock

My Fortune Cookie knows what´s going on!

(i think) my last icecream for this season 🙁

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