Hello my loves! And Happy Thanksgiving!! Today i want to present you my Outfit for this festive occasion! I love this outfit because of the different materials! It´s so comfy and warm but elegant at the same time! 
I don´t know if you already know it from FACEBOOK or  INSTAGRAM but i am thinking about just continuing with one Instagram page! Nowadays i have two ones, one private and one for my Blog. But from time to time it´s really difficult to hold you up to date on both ones! But on the other side i have to say that there was a time i found it great to keep my private life private… I know this is difficult to say as a fashion Blogger, who presents himself in every major social media platform, but that´s what my day looks like. And i love it! I love it too, to communicate with you via Facebook and Instagram! My next great project will be to post even more regularly on my Social media for you guys. I know that right now i am doing much for this theme, but it´s all going better with the time! And i promise, you will see much more on my Instagram account the following weeks! 
I also have to inform you about my project for the Advent time! I am really proud to tell you that i am a member of Kameas Blogger Advents calendar! Be excited about the little wickets all over the Advent time! Wish you a great Thanksgiving evening!


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